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About Delta T Construction:
A Foundation of Integrity, Reliability and Performance

Delta T Construction was founded in 1982 to offer a higher level of quality in the construction of industrial buildings that require strict temperature control – primarily used by the food processing and storage sectors.

The new company quickly built a reputation of integrity, reliability and performance at all levels. General contractors, and other sub-contractors came to value Delta T Construction’s integrity in their relationships and reliability in meeting deadlines. End users came to value the reliability and performance of the finished facilities.

Based on the successes of initial projects in the Midwest, Delta T Construction was increasingly called upon to build cold storage warehouses and processing facilities for America’s major food sector companies throughout the United States. We work as a specialty contractor.

We are known for attention to detail, and for our expertise in construction techniques that ensure that required temperatures are maintained in each part of a building.

We remain a privately-owned business based in metropolitan Milwaukee, but have installations in every state of the continental U.S., as well as in Canada and the Bahamas.