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Insulated Roofs for Cold Storage Buildings, Food Processing Plants


Protect your cold storage warehouse, food processing facility or other low-temperature facility with a commercial roofing system installed by Delta T Construction.

Our highly experienced crews install insulated roofing systems as part of new construction, as well as re-roofing that involves anywhere from complete tear-off and replacement, to simple replacement of a membrane and metal components.

Our roofing systems include insulation R-values needed to maintain interior temperatures, and are topped with white membranes for optimal reflection of solar rays.

With Delta T Construction’s expertise in cold storage construction, we know how to apply and seal a roofing system to create a total thermal envelope with the R-values you require.

Delta T blue bar
Delta T blue bar

Quality Work

“I have contracted with Delta T many times over the past 18 years. They have always been professional and delivered a quality job. I would not hesitate to hire them again or recommend them to others.” – David, Senior Project Manager

Inhouse Metal Shop for Roofing Elements

We fabricate trim, flashing, vents and other metal elements of roofing systems in our own metal fabrication shop.

That helps us ensure top quality and ready availability of all components of the roof.

Barriers to Keep Out Warm, Moist Air

With our thorough knowledge of climate control, we excel at the two key aspects of cold storage roofing design: proper placement of the vapor retarder and proper detailing to prevent air movement in or out at common penetrations in the roof and where roofing elements meet.

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